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I was at the foot of God’s throne. A place I had seen many times during prayer and worship. His throne was box shaped and completely coated in like diamond dust, silver and transparent jewels which were radiating the GRACE of God & as I pressed my hands upon the throne I was being filled with the new wine through His Holy Spirit.

I could have stayed there forever on my face before His throne, but the LORD SUMMONED ME HIGHER.

He beckoned me to be seated AT HIS THRONE BESIDE HIM. He had already showed me this before. I knew better, I knew my place was beside Him, but I returned to the floor under the table like a dog, begging & grateful for only crumbs.

It's easy to be grateful for mere crumbs under God's table, because even His crumbs are amazing! It was a mere crumb given to the Samaritan woman which cast demons out of her beloved child. But God has more for His children. He has a table filled with fresh bread & a seat at His throne. A position where we not only feast with Him, but rule with Him.

He beckoned again for me to come higher. But I struggled. I couldn’t bring myself to rise. I was struggling in the old battle of unworthiness & self-hatred. The last time He had reached down and grabbed me and pulled me up, but this time, He was waiting for me to be strong enough to take my place. He wanted me to come boldly.

As I struggled to rise, I began to hear the many voices of my past, people who had belittled me, rejected me, put me down, told me I was not good enough, & would never amount to anything. People who had taken on the voice of satan without even knowing it. I had believed their lies & because of the enemy's lies, I hated myself. Through them the enemy thrust on me a FALSE IDENTITY. The false identity had disabled me from approaching the Thorne of Grace with boldness... it had crippled me from walking in victory all my life... it blinded me to who I was & my worth in Christ.

The Lord continued to call to me.

When I tried to rise in spite of the self-hatred to where the Lord was calling me, I was weakened by the enemy's voice in my head “How dare you?! Who do you think you are? You're a dog, not a princess!! How dare you try to be seated at God's throne!!"

I was torn between two identities… what I had always believed about myself and now this NEW thing GOD was telling me about myself.

It seemed WRONG to believe opposite of what I had been taught all my life, but I suddenly realized that to deliberately remain under the table on the floor like a slave was in direct DISOBEDIENCE to God. He told me to RISE! I realized that it didn’t matter if my slave/beggar identity was more familiar, God was saying the absolute opposite about me, therefore let God be true & every man a liar!

I simply chose to OBEY GOD by standing to my feet and climbed onto His throne beside Him. I set my face like flint against the flood of demonic accusation & rage now lashing me for my obedience. I chose to just believe God... then suddenly the dark demonic cloud broke away from me & I could think clearly, see straight & feel normal feelings. The satanic oppression broke when I took my rightful place.

In the vision, I could see myself seated beside my Father the Sovereign King at His throne. There was my royal robe of righteousness which He had placed on me before. There was my tall golden crown He had placed on my head in the other vision. There was the same transparent floor beneath our feet as we sat higher than all powers, principalities and dominions. All things were beneath my feet. The devil & his entire kingdom was under my feet as I sat with the Most High at His throne.

My present position was really beginning to sink in & I sat there with God. Revelation began to pour into me now that I could see and believe the truth... I'm sitting at the Throne of the Living God which is the highest place in existence. I’m seated NEXT to the Most High, Most Strong God and I am His daughter and He loves me. HE is the king of Heaven and HE is my Father. I AM a Princess! The longer I sat there the more I believed this NEW identity in Him, and the less I remembered the old one. I AM Heavens Royalty just like He told me. I DO have authority!

I suddenly realized that in this place there's ABSOLUTELY NO POSSIBLE WAY the devil can touch me, let alone hurt me. I was amazed by this truth, because because I had lived in fear of the devil for so long… but now I was realizing there was NO way the devil could penetrate the throne floor and ascend to God’s throne to lay a finger on me. Totally impossible. He’d have to be stronger than God Himself and he’s NOT. This is why God calls us to FIGHT FROM HIS THRONE. Luke 10:19 Jesus said, “I have given you all authority over all the power of the enemy and nothing shall by any means hurt you.” I was breaking free from fear of the enemy because God was revealing the truth of my position & identity to me, the very thing the devil was terrified I would understand. The bible says you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.

As I was seated there with God my Father contemplating these revelations, totally astounded, suddenly the Father began to shine with bright white light. He said, “I AM YOUR FATHER OF LIGHTS”. Then His light encompassed me all around. “My light is your shield. Darkness cannot penetrate My light. You are always safe when you are in My light”.

I looked down and saw my royal gown glowing with His light. Suddenly I realized that I was wearing on my gown the same diamond dust that was on His throne!!! I had been content as a beggar on the floor being able to just touch the diamond dust on His throne because it made me drunk in the Holy Spirit, but here as I sat at His throne beside Him in my rightful position I was wearing the diamond dust upon my body... covered by it.

As my Father shined the light of His countenance upon me, the jewels and diamonds on my gown were began to beam with His light... like they were made of light. The gown I wore became more and more glorious as I soaked in His majestic light. Purity and righteousness emanated from this clothing which He had clothed me with.

He noticed my interest & amazement in my gown & He said, “You are clothed with Christ. Covered in the glory and splendor of God. I have clothed your nakedness with my righteousness.”

The very presence of God Almighty was within the gown He put on me. In absolute amazement I said over and over again, “I am clothed with Christ. I am clothed with Christ. I am clothed with Christ.” The presence and glory of God was now seeping into my utmost being and the anointing was becoming intense on me.

I looked again at myself in the vision and I was beautiful. I was taller. I was perfectly shaped, like an angel of God. My hair was very long, thick with golden curls and waves flowing down my back. The beauty was astounding. My crown was very tall and authority beamed strongly from it. Strength, majesty, purity and authority beamed like light from me. I was amazed by what I saw.

The Father said to me, “This is how I see you. You do not see yourself as I see you. You see yourself through the eyes of the enemy. You must see yourself through MY eyes. THIS is the real you. You are seated with Me in heavenly places.”

He told me my glorified body would look this way. He told me my BODY is not me, it is simply my earthly tent, a seed of that which is to come. He told me to stop identifying myself as my body and to begin to know the real me as I am seated with Him at His throne in heavenly places as a citizen of heaven, not of earth. Earth is a temporary illusion.

I suddenly began to see myself through His eyes and earth seemed so small. My enemies seemed like sad little ants all scattered and confused. All the problems and cares of the world began to break off of me & seemed so tiny and far away from where I was now. Then I knew that if I could live from this place, I would live in total victory all the time.

I understood finally what it meant to be MORE than a conqueror. When the enemy cannot even touch you because you live from God’s throne, that is being more than a conqueror. All of God’s children have a right to the benefits of the blood Christ shed on the cross, but if we do not know them, believe them and act upon them, we will not live them. Faith without works is dead.

Suddenly my Father put his massive hand on my chest and said, “YOU ARE LOVED.”

When He said this it shocked me, because I realized that I didn’t really believe and never really believed that I was loved by Him or anyone in the world. It didn’t matter how many times a person told me they loved me, I did not believe it. I had even forgotten the love God showed me in a dream long ago. Wounds & rejection poisoned me & blinded me to His love. He was now healing those wounds at His throne.

He kept His massive hand on my chest and drew His face closer to mine, looked me straight in my eyes and said again, “YOU ARE LOVED.” This time I felt the words actually go INTO me. They hit my heart like a hammer hitting a rock. He said it again, “YOU ARE LOVED.”… boom… “YOU ARE LOVED.”… boom… “YOU ARE LOVED.”… BOOM… “YOU ARE LOVED!”

The more He said it the more intensely I felt power pound into my utmost being until His Word broke the rocky heart to pieces and His LOVE began to flood into my raw open heart.

He drew His face even closer to me and looked deep into my eyes and said over and over again, “YOU ARE LOVED.”

Each time He said it I believed Him more than the time before. Each time He said it, His words broke a lie in me. Each time He said, “YOU ARE LOVED.” I felt His power, presence, glory, anointing more intensely in my utmost being. I felt His love begin to heal me. I felt His love now break into my soul wounds and begin to heal them. I felt His love making my soul perfectly whole.

I thought to myself, “I wonder how long He will do this for me? How long will He tell me He loves me?” I expected it to stop as I believed love always stops or goes away. He knew my thoughts and answered me, “I will never leave you nor forsake you. Being loved by Me is the very foundation of your identity.”

Then I saw His love flowing into every one of my cells. The power of His intense love was cleansing and healing all my cells and destroying every foreign cell. He told me that I could not be “unloved” by anybody, because He is the very Source of all love, because He Himself is Love. All love comes from Him. Even unbelievers must borrow His love to love others with, for He causes it to rain upon the just and the unjust while they are on the earth. In hell they will never have that love. They will not know love because all love is of God. And if all love is of God, and humans must borrow His love to love me, even if they withhold the love due me from them, I still get it all from God. I am still 100% fully loved, because LOVE Himself fully loves me. Not one cell in my body is unloved. Not one fiber of my being is unloved. I can no longer be rejected, abandoned or unloved, because in the Father I am totally loved, accepted and He never leaves me.

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Wow this got me in tears! Felt like God is talking to me directy. Thank you for sharing this!

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