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I'm a Follower and Seeker of God and truth, a Wife, a Mother, an Artist and a Writer.


I spend my days taking care of my home, homeschooling my children, caring for my autistic son, creating prophetic artwork, running my business, writing as led, and running our growing mini farm! I'm a very busy, but grateful woman!

After a face to face encounter with Jesus in the year 2000, I was overwhelmed with a deep desire to reveal His face and love to the world through writing and artwork. You can read about my encounter in my Blog, here on my website. 

After a great deal of prayer and seeking the Lord, He released me to make art and to sell it and promised to use my artwork for His glory.


We are loved. We have dominion over the devil. We are royal children of the Most High God. It is my heart to create visuals through art and writing that reveal His love, His face and that express and teach our identity, authority, and position in Christ. Artwork that people can look at and be reminded of who they are and how much God loves them. 


I pray that my artwork touches deep places in the souls of all who lay eyes on it. 

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