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The Lord keeps bringing a dream back to me that I had several years ago. The dream didn't make sense then, but it certainly applies now. I was not sick then.

In the dream I was laying on a sick bed in the hospital. I was very ill... hospitalized. I looked over and there beside me in the next bed was a demon. The demon was glaring at me in the most profound hatred I have ever seen. It was hungry to kill me. It began to come near me, it's eyes glued to me.

Warfare commenced. I began to rebuke that demon in Jesus name. I pointed at it and shouted, "I rebuke you in Jesus name!!" It slowed down, but kept coming closer. I KNEW it was coming to kill me. It was going to crush me. I rebuked again and again, but it only slowed it down each time, never stopped it and now this demon was only a few yards away. What would I do? I was battle weary. I couldn't get the victory.

Suddenly, I was FILLED WITH THE SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD!! HE torn my eyes off the battle... He torn my eyes off the enemy.... He torn my eyes off the demon... He torn my eyes off the sickness.... and He lifted my head toward HEAVEN!! He set my gaze on high. He put my eyes on JESUS and He put a SONG IN MY SPIRIT AND IN MY MOUTH which He caused me to sing. The words to the song was simply HIS NAME. He caused me to sing His name over and over and over and over again with my eyes on Him.

As I sang His name, I began to be lifted off of that sick bed. As I sang His name, I was filled with FAITH. As I sang His name, I forgot about the demon that was hunting me and about to attack me. I forgot it even existed. I forgot the sickness. I was being lifted higher and higher in the Spirit until I was lifted totally off that sick bed and out of that hospital and completely away from that demon!

God put my eyes on Him. I praised His name and He fought my battle for me. HE healed me. He brought me victory.

This was a prophetic dream I had years ago. I am in this battle now. He has been reminding me repeatedly to take my eyes off the devil, off sickness and put them on HIM and praise Him and He will fight my battles.

What an amazing message. Our God is good. Take your eyes off the enemy, off the problem, off the sickness and put them on Jesus. He is the Word of Life. He will fight for you. He will bring you victory. This is the message He speaks to the whole church.

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Amen! Halleluja! Lately the Lord kept reminding me of your artwork were He crown a princess. As I read your sign on it, I checked your ig and know your testimonies in here and is all incredibly powerful, filled with the Holy Spirit and is lifting up my soul! Thank you for sharing what the Lord shows you and the experiences + victories! God bless you!🙂

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