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> There are NO watermarks on purchased prints.

> This is a print of my AI digital artwork. Voice command plus drawing by hand with stylus pen. An original creation. It is printed on 8.5x11 Cardstock Paper.

> Prints will be shipped in sturdy cardboard folders within a bubble mailer.

> All my artwork is copyrighted. Images may not be reproduced, resold or used in any form without written consent.


Years ago I was praying for God to heal me, when suddenly I saw Him in the Spirit. He stretched out His hands to me and I took hold of them. He pulled me close to His chest then He started flying away with me. He said, "Come away with Me."

He told me that He wanted to show me great and mighty things. As we flew together I was still fretting about my health.

He told me, "You have no idea of My POWER or of the good things I have in store for you." I told Him I wanted to see those Great and Mighty things, but I asked Him if He would heal my body. I was distracted with that.

He told me to leave all my worries behind, "Leave your burdens behind. Leave them down there. You are here with Me now. You're worried about many things but only one thing matters. Keep your eyes on Me. The world and all its worries... they don't matter."

Then Jesus started dancing with me. I said, "Lord, are you dancing with my soul?? I felt the swirling of the dance as I was laying in His presence. God was swirling around with me in His arms. It was a little strange to me. A whole new experience with Him. I loved it.

I asked Him yet again if He would heal me in my body. Then He began to speak to me about the sickness being a fire that He's using to refine me.

No, He did NOT bring the sickness to me! I opened that door through SIN! But, He will always use for good what satan meant for harm if we are yielded to the Lord.

He said that the sickness... the suffering... the fire would all point me in ONE direction... toward HIM and that He will continue to use it until He was done with it...

He told me the fire will bring me low and low is where I need to be. He said, "In this low place you will learn from Me. Come. Learn from Me for I am gentle & lowly in heart."

The whole time He spoke He was still dancing with me and twirling me around with joy. The Lord was full of joy as He danced with me, holding me close to His chest in a very protective embrace. I was surprised by how much He enjoyed being with me and dancing with me.

He spoke about serious things but He spoke with light-hearted joy. And while He danced with me in the air, I saw my sickness rise up under me like flames of fire. The fire was licking at my feet and making me push closer & closer into Jesus. I saw the Flames all over... everywhere... burning higher and higher. But Jesus was with me, dancing with me still... dancing with me in the fire.

Then I saw a vision of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the fiery furnace and Jesus was with them. They were not hurt by the fire. And I asked God again will you heal my body and take away this sickness from me? And He answered, "Did Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego come out of the fire?" I said, "Yes, they came out. And they came out with a testimony." Then God aid, "And you will come out with a testimony as well".

So I dance in the fire with my King.

Print #137-- Come Dance With Me In The Fire

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