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> There are NO watermarks on purchased prints.

> This is a print of my AI digital artwork. Voice command plus drawing by hand with stylus pen. An original creation. It is printed on 8.5x11 Cardstock Paper.

> Prints will be shipped in sturdy cardboard folders within a bubble mailer.

> All my artwork is copyrighted. Images may not be reproduced, resold or used in any form without written consent.


Suddenly my Father put his massive hand on my chest and said, “YOU ARE LOVED.”

When He said this it shocked me, because I realized that I didn’t really believe and never really believed that I was loved by Him or anyone in the world. It didn’t matter how many times a person told me they loved me, I did not believe it. All the people who confessed love or was suppose to love me proved they did not love me by abuse, abandonment, neglect, betrayal, etc… I believed that no human could ever really love and they were all liars. I did believe that God could love and at one point saw His love, but had forgotten and stopped believing that even HE loved me.

He kept His massive hand on my chest and drew His face closer to mine, looked me straight in my eyes and said again, “YOU ARE LOVED.” This time I felt the words actually go INTO me. They hit my heart like a hammer hitting a rock. He said it again, “YOU ARE LOVED.”… boom… “YOU ARE LOVED.”… boom… “YOU ARE LOVED.”… BOOM… “YOU ARE LOVED!”

The more He said it the more intensely I felt power pound into my utmost being until His Word broke the rocky heart to pieces and His LOVE began to flood into my raw open heart. He drew His face even closer to me and looked deep, deep into my eyes and said over and over and over and over again, “YOU ARE LOVED.” Each time He said it I believed Him more than the time before. Each time He said it, His words broke a lie in me. Each time He said, “YOU ARE LOVED.” I felt His power, presence, glory, anointing more intensely in my utmost being until it was hard to bear.

Hearing Him say this over and over again didn’t get old, in fact it was like hearing it for the first time over and over again. I was incredibly hungry to hear it over and over. With as much passion as the first time He said it, He continued to say it, with as much love, “YOU ARE LOVED.” Not for a moment did He remove His loving, sincere, passionate, piercing gaze from my eyes. “YOU ARE LOVED.” I felt His love now begin to heal me. I felt His love now break into my soul wounds and begin to heal them. I felt His love making my soul perfectly whole.

I thought to myself, “I wonder how long He will do this for me? How long will He tell me He loves me?” I expected it to stop as I believed love always stops or goes away. He knew my thoughts and answered me, “I will never leave you or forsake you. I will minister to you in this way for as long as it takes.”

He told me He would continue to tell me He loved me over and over and over again until I fully understood His love and 100% believed it, until I believed that I was fully loved all the time forever without end. “Being loved by Me is the very foundation of your identity.”

Then I saw His love flowing into every one of my cells. The power of His intense love was cleansing and healing all my cells and destroying every foreign cell. He told me that I could not be “unloved” by anybody, because He is the very Source of all love, because He Himself is Love. All love comes from Him. Even unbelievers must borrow His love to love others with, for He causes it to rain upon the just and the unjust while they are on the earth. In hell they will never have that love. They will not know love because all love is of God. And if all love is of God, and humans must borrow His love to love me, even if they withhold the love due me from them, I am still 100% fully loved, because LOVE Himself fully loves me. Not one cell in my body is unloved. Not one fiber of my being is unloved by Love Himself. I can no longer be rejected, abandoned or unloved, because in the Father I am totally loved, accepted and He never leaves me.

Print #121 -- Princess of Heaven

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