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Hand painted with acrylics on 16x20 stretched canvas.


In 2000 I had a dream. In the dream I saw a door. The door opened. My Dad walked out and approached me (My dad passed away in 2006). He informed me that someone wanted to see me. That’s all he said. I knew who wanted to see me. I knew it was Jesus and that He was on the other side of that door.


I followed my Dad through that door. On the other side of that door was Jesus. He was seated at the head of a large, rectangular wooden table, much like the one I saw in my first dream. It was the same scene. Jesus, a rough wooden table and wooden chairs.

My Dad sat down at the table as well. He sat at the lower head of the table opposite Jesus. I saw my mom sitting at the table as well. She was seated beside my Dad at his right. My parents were both shining with a joy that was beaming like light. They shone so, because they were in the presence of Jesus Christ.


When I saw Jesus, I was filled with joy, excitement, desire, and indescribable awe.

I walked over to Him, because I knew He was the one who sent for me. Once I laid eyes on Jesus, I couldn’t take them off of Him. My focus was glued to Him. I sat down beside Him at the table at His left side. When I did, He moved His chair closer to me. I drew near to Him, then He drew near to me.

I could see in His countenance that He wanted to see me. He wanted to look at me. He was very happy to be in my presence. He missed me. I could see it clearly. He desired me. He yearned for me. I was in awe of this.

Suddenly my Dad exclaimed, “It’s Jesus!” He could not contain His joy and excitement. He presented the Lord to me in as much awe as I was in. It wasn’t until my Dad said those words that I looked directly into Jesus’ eyes. When I did, my undoing began.


His features were rugged and handsome. His hair was shoulder length, wavy, thick and dark brown. He did not have a beard in this dream either. His eyes were deep, dark brown. I studied His face in wonderment. His whole body size was altogether larger than the average mortal. He had strong wide shoulders and He wore a rough, white/cream, one-piece garment down to His feet.

I gazed in adoring awe at His features. Although they were different than the first dream, what I saw in His eyes was absolutely the same. This was Jesus Christ my Savior and I KNEW it. I recognized my Lord. “My sheep know Me.”

As I beheld Him in mind boggling wonderment, I was thinking thoughts. I thought to myself, “Wow… it’s really Him! I’m truly in His literal presence. Finally! Finally I see the Lord! This is what He looks like! This is what it feels like!” I could reach out and touch Him if I dared. I knew it was Him from the deepest depths of my soul.

He was looking back at me with the same intensity, beholding me as well. He had a gentle smile, but a serious gaze. His gaze was of love and immovable strength. He knew my pleasure in seeing Him. He allowed me to behold Him. He just let me stare at Him in awe while He stared back at me.


I suddenly realized He knew my every thought. He knew my every emotion, desire and motivation. Nothing was hidden from Him. I was pleased with this. I knew I didn’t have to try to express my love and adoration with words, because He already knew. Words were useless in this face to face encounter, because He knew what my thoughts and feelings were before I would ever speak them and I knew He knew. We were communicating spirit to Spirit in deep immortal ways. Spoken words were totally useless. Words were too small a thing. The spiritual communication between us both was very intense as we were face to face with one another.


My mind was struck by astonishment, my soul was becoming undone and my spirit could only release floods of worship. Praise and worship were spontaneous reactions that began as soon as I laid eyes on Him. The only response to such everlasting perfection and glory can only be the deepest kind of gratitude, love and adoration equivalent to how much of Himself He reveals... hence the reason we fall on our faces as if dead when He manifests enough of Himself.

Humans do not have the strength in themselves to be such vessels for the equal spontaneous praise due Him. Unless His Spirit is there to strengthen us, we would die in the presence of His glory. Even those elders in Heaven who surround His throne fall on their faces and cast their crowns at His feet in response to who they see. The more of Himself He reveals, the more undone we are in worship, awe and the power of His manifested love. This is why humans are “slain in the Spirit” when they encounter Him.

He knew my worship. He received it unto Himself. He enjoyed it. My spirit, my soul and my mind continuously praised Him without words, full of rejoicing, love and awe. It was pouring forth from my utmost being like an unhindered fountain.

I felt so honored that He should appear to me and allow me to adore Him. I was astonished that He would allow me to see Him. I felt so privileged and so humbled. My humility expressed itself through worship and adoration. The greatest glory of Heaven after death has to be the everlasting privilege of being able to forever gaze into the face of Jesus. This is true “heaven”.

The feeling of it all was piercing. It severed through my being. The living Word was before me and His presence was a double edged sword searching me… knowing me, discerning my deepest thoughts and intentions. The sword pierced deeper and deeper. I thought these exact words, “He knows what I am thinking!” I rejoiced in this.

I contemplated this fact very deeply as I looked at His face, His gaze piercing deeper and deeper. “He knows what I am thinking… He knows I’m thinking the very thought that I know He knows what I’m thinking…”

My rejoicing suddenly turned to dread as the remembrance of my sin came to mind.


He knows my every thought! What if I had a bad thought?! I hoped I would not have any bad thoughts! I knew He knew I was thinking this! Dread increased. The battle for my thoughts commenced. I struggled immensely against bad thoughts at that moment. I fought against a filthy thought bombarding the threshold of my mind. I lost the battle. The evil thought was stronger and it broke through against all of my will and I immediately turned away from the Lord in the most mortified shame.

He was perfectly holy and pure, and I was sinful and dirty. I was ashamed and horrified. That’s when the Holy Spirit urged me from within the deepest parts of my being to look into the eyes of Jesus, so I did.

What I beheld was the most powerful thing a mortal can behold. His eyes were fire!


I didn’t know anything about any scripture describing Christ’s eyes like fire at that time. I had never read the whole Bible before. At first sight I was shocked and confused by the appearance of fire in His eyes. But as I continued to stare into His eyes, I saw eternal love and power at increased levels and I knew the One I was beholding was the everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace, the Son of God Jesus Christ (See Isa. 6:9).

My eyes locked to His. I was arrested and held captive by the fire in His eyes. His fiery gaze blasted away every evil thought and all anxiety I was previously experiencing was vanquished.


He had a single flame of fire in each eye, no pupil. His eternal gaze burned into my soul. It blasted away every demonic oppression coming against me. I saw wrath and love in His fiery eyes. Wrath against the enemy; love for me.... FINISH READING ON MT BLOG...

16x20 ORIGINAL PAINTING-- Eyes Of Fire

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