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> There are NO watermarks on purchased prints.

> This is a print of my AI digital artwork. Voice command plus DRAWING BY HAND with stylus pen. An original creation. It is printed on 8.5x11 Cardstock Paper.

> Prints will be shipped in sturdy cardboard folders within a bubble mailer.

> All my artwork is copyrighted. Images may not be reproduced, resold or used in any form without written consent.


I used to hear people say or write "Daughter of the King" off & on through out the years & every time I honestly thought how corny & overused...


An angel told me I was a "Daughter of the King 🤯

It was during a season of extreme demonic attack & extreme fasting when I had this life-changing dream. I was having panic attacks from fear every evening as soon as the sun went down. Every night I almost passed out from tormenting fear... it was demonic. I feared fear itself. I'm totally delivered now & this angelic visitation was a part of my deliverance.


I was in a KINGDOM standing on a tall hill. I was being bombarded by all kinds of demons. I could NOT defeat them.

Suddenly 2 ANGELS appeared and one of them yanked off this shabby covering I had been wearing.

He shouted very loudly, "YOU ARE THE DAUGHTER OF THE KING!!!"

I looked at my attire and to my SHOCK, I was decked out like a ROYAL PRINCESS!!

Clothing of true authority.

When the demons saw this they fell back away from me in shock and fear, because we all realized I had the AUTHORITY to have them ARRESTED and cast into prison.

I couldn't defeat them before because I didn't know WHO I WAS. I didn't know my identity. I didn't know, believe or understand that I had this authority to exercise.

Again the Angel declared very loudly, "YOU ARE THE DAUGHTER OF THE KING!!"

This time the voice woke me up. I continued hearing the sound of those words, "YOU ARE A DAUGHTER OF THE KING!!!" echoing in my mind for days.

What I thought was a corny cliche had now become words of life & power to me. A personal title bestowed upon me by an angel of God... Daughter of the KING.

My eyes began to open to my identity in Christ & satan began to lose his hold on my mind.

Knowing our identity in Christ is absolutely essential if we are to have victory over the powers of darkness! We ARE royal children of the of the MOST HIGH GOD. I AM a Daughter of the King & so are YOU (if you're a male you're obviously a SON of the King 😁).

It's NOT corny or arrogant to know your identity, declare it, walk in it & live it! It's foolish not to. I was blind & now I see.

This is my artwork inspired 100% from this dream encounter.

✨️The angels were tall, strong, masculine and serious.

✨️I didn't have a crown or scepter in my dream, but I added them to my art because they are symbols of Sovereign Kingly, ruling authority.

I added water to symbolize FAITH. GOLD symbolizes anointing & Holy Spirit. To walk on the water you have to have faith in God & eyes on JESUS.

I believe these angels are still with me.

Print #83 -- You Are a Daughter of the King

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