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> This is a digital print of my original artwork. It is printed on 8.5x11 Cardstock Paper.

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Your identity is not is what people say or believe about you, good or bad. Your identity is only found in Christ. What does God say about you? This is what you are to believe about yourself. God rescued me from abusers, healed my mind, and taught me who I was in Him. A lot of my artwork is inspired by this.

I came from an abusive family. The verbal abuse continued from that family all the way into my adulthood, and even after I was married with kids. I was constantly put down, criticized, word cursed, and rejected. This caused soul wounds, complexes and ultimately... an identity crisis. I began to believe the lies the devil was speaking through these people.

I allowed these family members into my life, because I wanted to help and save them. However, little did I realize, the devil was using them, their words and their attacks, in an attempt to utterly destroy me. But my love for them caused me to remain under the barrage of the enemy's attack. Until it all finally came to a climax and, by God's mercy, we all burst apart. God sent me to Florida at that time, and my healing process began.

I cut these abusive loved ones out of my life for a season. I began going on major fasts, seeking God like never before, and the Lord began to reveal my true identity to me. He began meeting me in one on one encounters, and taking me through the past, the abuse, the lies, and He began to undo all the harm. He exposed satan in each attack, told me the total truth about the devil, the attacker, and myself. He led me through forgiveness and freedom. He explained everything to me one attack at a time in these visions, then healed that specific wound. As I came to Him in worship, He met me with healing each time. There's a huge testimony in this process that could help so many people, and I will eventually post about each encounter and even write a book.

I began to encounter my God as my Father for the first time in this seaon. He showed me my royal identity in Him, and constantly exposed satan. Over and over again, He told me, "You are my Daughter, and you need to know your identity. You are a Princess in Heaven." He told me that He would never leave me. That every feeling or thought of Him forsaking me was a lie from satan. He told me that my place was with Him at His throne, sitting as a royal princess, exercising His authority as His Royal Daughter, and that I should NEVER fight my battles from "earth", (He literally said earth), but to fight from His throne.

He told me and taught me these things over and over again through many dreams, visions, spiritual experiences, revelations, and encounters. Eventually, the enemy's words and the rejection of loved ones could not touch me the way it used to. They could still irritate me, and if I foolishly reconnect with them, they could oppress me, because of disobedience, but their words, the lies of satan through them, and their attacks could never wound my soul, change my mind about who I am in Christ, or deceive me about my identity.

The Holy Spirit teaches me these things everyday. This is why I love to express these revelations in visual form. It ministers to me personally, and helps other people who see, or receive my art.

Print #56

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