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> There are NO watermarks on purchased prints.

> This is a print of my digital AI artwork. Voice command, plus hand drawing and skilled editing with a stylus pen. It is printed on 8.5x11 Cardstock Paper.

> Prints will be shipped in sturdy, waterproof packaging.

> All my artwork & writing are copyrighted. Images & text may not be reproduced, resold or used in any form without written consent.



Wriiten by Jessica Smith:

In a dream, I saw a woman who was unloved. Her heart was broken, her soul felt desolated, and now her hopes for love had been completely forsaken… until the moment Jesus took her hand, and began to dance with her.

There was a deep need for love in her, as is in us all… to love and to be loved, but mortal love evaded her, and humans constantly rejected her.

She had been in this lonesome state, enduring and pressing forward for so long, that hopelessness set it, and that is when her heart began to turn to stone.

As she stood there in an empty daze of numbness, she saw a crowd of men that all looked like JESUS. But in the middle of that crowd of imposters stood One who caught her eye, because He was the only One looking at her. All the rest were looking elsewhere and ignoring her.

When she laid her eyes upon His face from where she stood, hope was once again ignited in her, and the stony heart began to stir with life. She knew He was the real Jesus.

Jesus gazed at her hard with unbroken concentration. Many were talking to Him, and even pulling at His robe, but He did not turn His head right or left, but fixed His eyes upon this broken woman with fierce and fiery love, and began to walk over to her.

She saw His steady fixation on her, and how He was now advancing toward her, His blazing eyes burned with love and her heart began to melt for Him. Love emanated from Him, like heat from the sun.

This astonished her, for she forgot what love felt like, and now she was feeling the most intense love creation can ever know… the love of her Creator, Savior and Sustainer.

His approach seemed to be slow motion as she thought intensely about why He would have such strong love for her. What could make His pursuit so fierce, unbroken and focused. As He walked toward her so many distractions flashed here and there, but He did not notice them, for His desire was fixated upon her. This again astounded her and her own love for Him began to bubble up.

He took her by the hand. At His touch her love was fully ignited and poured out to Him. She became weak by this overpowering emotion of holy love, but His presence became her strength so that she was able to stand before Him.

He drew her closer, and took her other hand, and to her surprise, He began to slowly dance with her.

He swayed her back and forth and slowly turned her round and round with Him. She was very uncomfortable with this, but He was tender and compassionate.

She never danced before. She wondered why of all things, would the Lord DANCE with her? She thought it was such a strange thing for Him to do. But she soon found that this dance was restoring her soul with every step and turn.

Through dance, He was teaching her how to depend on Him, press into Him, and learn how to live life in this world, allowing Him to take the lead. She was learning she could trust Him.

She was broken pottery in His large hands, and as He slowly and carefully danced with her, His love began to mend her, and mold her back to what He intended when He created her.

As she fumbled around during this dance, Jesus steadied her with His strong pierced hands, held her, and guided her movements until their dance became as one.

The dance that humiliated her, was now strengthening her. The insecurity that handicapped her dissolved before the fervency of His adoring love. This was a holy dance… a healing dance.

Then all of a sudden, Jesus and His dance wisped away and swirled into the pages of a book. The woman took up the book, and it became THE WORD. As she stared at this book, yearning for Him to come back, Jesus reached out His hand from the pages of this book, and she took hold of it and kissed it. Her love poured out like a flood upon His hand.

Then His hand went back into the book, and she knew He was with her always, and she could experience Him, and fellowship with Him through the pages of THE WORD.

She saw a butterfly with tattered wings, but as this butterfly danced with Jesus, those wings were healed, and it fluttered into heaven.

She knew Jesus wasn’t going to abandon her. He wasn’t going to give up on her. He wasn’t going to criticize her. He wasn’t going to forget her. He will always have those piercing eyes of love fixated upon her, and He yearned for hers to also be fixated upon Him in the same way.

She wouldn’t go through life unnoticed, unloved, uncared for, forgotten and desolated, because there was One who never took His eyes off of her, and never stopped loving her.

She realized that He had always had this steady fixation upon her. She just never noticed Him before. He waited for her to see Him. Once their eyes locked, He manifested Himself to her, because she began to desire Him when she saw His love for her.

All her emptiness was filled with a love that cannot be compared to. Nothing in this world could entice her to forsake it now. It wasn't just the wonderful feeling of His love, but the new ability she possessed to give HER own love to Him. She loved Him more than life itself.

This love changed her forever.

Hope was hers again. A deeper hope she never knew existed. Hope for an eternity of this LOVE strengthened her to live in this world with JOY; She set her life apart, and began serving the God that danced with her.

Print #317 --I Will Heal Your Heart / 8.5x11 Cardstock Print

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