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You are commissioning me to create a duplicate hand painted original of one of my most popular lion paintings. This piece is painted with acrylic on canvas. I do not modify these paintings. I paint them exactly as you see in the photos. I do not take any type of commissions, except to repaint my own art.


I require 1 to 4 weeks to produce this painting before shipping, that includes varnish and dry time. Please contact me for a more defined wait period. It all depends on how many orders of duplicate paintings are on my list.


Original Artwork by definition means: the art is produced by the Artist’s hand. The image is my own. The paint is applied on the canvas by me. This is an original.


Although, this is a duplicate painting, meaning I attempt to paint exactly the same image on a blank canvas again; it will still be a unique creation because it is hand painted. The strokes will be different. The colors will vary a little bit. But overall, I capture the same beautiful painting.


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