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Original Acrylic Painting on Stretched Canvas, size 16x20

A few years back I began getting waves of extreme desires to draw & paint again. I wanted to paint what the Lord taught me about our identity in Christ, our authority and most of all, I wanted to draw & paint JESUS.

I wanted to show His face to the world. I wanted people to see what I saw. I wanted people to look into the eyes of my drawings and see HIM... not just see HIM, but I wanted people to literally experience HIM in the same way I did when I looked into His eyes in a dream and ended up on the floor weeping and clinging to His feet, completely wrecked by the love that poured from His eyes.

After this experience (many years ago), I realized there's literally nothing more important in this whole world than to know God's love and to look into His eyes. His love is the cure for all things... literally. So revealing what I saw and experienced became my heart's desire.

The years of 2016 through 2018 I went through the fires of living hell. A very painful refining. Then at the end of 2018, I began my art ministry.

I prayed fervently for God to anoint my hands and to increase my artistic ability. I wept in prayer many nights, on my face, petitioning the Lord to release me to draw, to increase my gift, or to PLEASE take these unbearable desires to make art away from me!....

Then one day, God interrupted my prayer to inform me that He would use my artwork... "I WILL USE YOUR ARTWORK", is all He said at that time.

I feel the Holy Spirit on me, in me, pouring out of me onto the canvas. I feel the glory of God in the room. I feel His love intensifying with every stroke of my brush. I feel His love pouring into me and out of me while I paint.

I will tell you something that is truth... JESUS literally manifests through my artwork.

I receive testimonies all the time. Some people experience Him a little, some write me and tell me they were in tears or even on the floor. It's His presence on the art, not the pencil strokes. It's His tender mercy. It's His love.


16x20 ORIGINAL PAINTING-- "Eyes Of Fire"

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