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I was laying in bed thinking about Jesus. Just thinking about Him. Wondering about Him. Thinking about what He was doing, about His heart, about what He was feeling... etc. I honestly did not consider whether or not He knew my thoughts. I was not praying. Out of my own love, desire and curiosity I was simply thinking about Him.

Suddenly, I had a vivid vision.

I saw Jesus standing in Heaven & around Him was a small group of people in white robes. Whether they were Angels or Saints, I don't know.

Jesus spoke... His voice couldn't have been any clearer, even if it were audible. He said to His friends, "Jessica is thinking about Me."

The sound of His voice was multiplied... like if it had been recorded & played at the same time 1,000 times... like the sound of many waters.

I gasped in joy and suddenly came out of that vision in total awe of Him. I was so amazed that He not only knew what I was thinking, but He was pleased that my thoughts were on Him, so pleased that He even told His friends who were standing with Him.

Jesus knows your every thought & it blesses Him when we think about Him. Jesus loves you and takes more pleasure in intimacy with you than you can even comprehend. He died for that very reason... to be with you forever. Think about Him.

~ Jessica Smith

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