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When I looked into the eyes of Jesus in a dream I saw LOVE. I literally SAW how much He loved me. It was more than I would have ever dared to imagine. That much love was too good to be true. His love seems too GOOD to be true. But it's not. It's true. He loves YOU that much too. All I could do was slump to the ground at His feet and sob, and weep, and cry for hours & hours because He loved me. I held on to His feet and wept under the power of His great love. I wept because He forgave me. Because His mercy toward me was astounding. Experiencing His love changes everything.

When I draw His eyes, I know that the love that poured into me from His eyes in my dream pours out of me into my art... into His eyes on the paper... I know that He literally manifests Himself through the work of my hands and reveals Himself & His love to those who look upon it. If you look into the eyes of this drawing of mine and experience Jesus, it's because He is manifesting Himself through it. He promised me this... He said, "I will use your artwork. I will glorify My name in you & manifest Myself through you". God knows my heart. My face at His feet is the highest place I ever want be.

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