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The closer you get to your deliverance and healing through the parted sea, the angrier and more determined Pharoah's armies become.

Their war chariots are made of bronze and their horses snort fiercely, like beasts from hell. The warriors are clad in armor and their weapons are drawn. They run swiftly toward you for your destruction. They make a loud noise of terror as they come.

Everything in you wants to look at them as they charge toward you.


"Why do you look at Pharoh's armies? Have I not destroyed them? Are they not drowned in the deepest sea? Is My arm not stronger? In one swift motion I brought down the waves and crushed them. In all their terror and strength, I have brought them low in the deepest grave and opened to you the way of escape. I have parted the sea. Your way of escape is sure and open. Nothing can stop you from running forward. Why look behind you at a defeated army? Though they snort fiercely, they are doomed. They cannot touch you while you are running forward with your eyes on Me. But when you look back, you become like Lot's wife. You stop running and become bewitched by their lies. Their strength & terror is vanity, but you become paralyzed by fear of it. In this place the enemy can overtake you. What will you look at? Pharaoh's armies or the parted sea? Stop looking at Pharaoh's armies. I have parted the sea for you. Run forward. Keep your eyes on My deliverance. If you look at Pharaoh's armies, you will forget that I have parted the sea."

Read Exodus chapters 14 &15

~ Jessica Lee Smith ♡

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