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My aunt was a witch…

She believed in “white witchcraft”. She sought after what she believed was “good”. She believed in many gods, many ways to be good, many paths… all were lies. All led to darkness and misery for her.

Me and my family witnessed Christ to her so many times, but she hated Jesus and became hostile with all of us. She hated God. She hated who she did not know. She misunderstood who God was. But He loved her and revealed Himself to her before she died of cancer several years ago & she got saved pretty much on her death bed. Many Gospel seeds were sown into her heart by many of her Christian family members. What looked hopeless actually wasn’t.

My aunt lived near a church. This church had loud outdoor services which my aunt could hear. They disturbed her deeply. The demons in her were incredibly agitated. So she called this pastor and harassed him day and night. She cursed him, cussed him out, screamed at him and sent her “negative energy” to his church. The services never stopped. She was forced to listen.

One day she was walking her little dog down her road and 2 Pit bulls attacked her and her dog violently right in front of that church. Both my aunt and her dog ended up in the ER. My aunt loved her little dog dearly. It was dying. So she did the unthinkable. She prayed.

She asked God to please forgive her and to please heal her dog.

He did. The dog survived. She survived. Many stitches later my aunt called that pastor and apologized to him for verbally attacking him and his church and for sending curses and “negative energy” to his church.

But she still refused to get saved. She still refused to accept Jesus, but now she was at least open to debate and discussion.

Several years later my aunt was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She sent for my mother to come take care of her. My mother traveled across the country to live with her and constantly witnessed Jesus to her. My aunt listened but never accepted.

I drove 4 hours to go to a service where David Hogan was preaching. My husband and I had sheets of cloth and laid it at David’s feet while he preached. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please do a YouTube search on David Hogan and anointed cloths.

I sent one of these to my mom to place under my aunts pillow. She did. My aunt started to miraculously get better. My mom told my aunt about the anointed cloth. My aunt was happy about it. They began to call my aunt “miracle lady” at Hospice, because she was improving so much. Whenever the cloth was misplaced my aunt would panic and ask for it.

About this time her daughter, an active witch with a vile hatred for God and Christians moved in & found out about the cloth and stole it. Her and my mother clashed and my mom left. My aunt told family members she wanted to die and didn’t want to be “healed”. She was determined to die and die she did…

🔥 But before she died she had a dream. She told my mother this dream that saved her soul….

🔥 In the dream she saw a cross and on the cross she saw Jesus hanging there in His blood. He was bleeding and wounded and hurt. My aunt saw this and saw Him and her heart broke. She was outraged that someone hurt Him like this and then hung Him on a cross in His own blood. She looked to find a way to get Him off that cross, but there was no one around. She was angry! She called out to Him, “Why?!!! Why are you on that cross!!!!????” He turned His head and looked her deep in the eyes and said, “I am dying for your sins and for the sins of the world”. She woke up. She got saved. She is now in heaven.

She never had the chance to give her testimony... so I'm doing it for her.

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