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Updated: Jul 24, 2021

During a VERY rough day, feeling hard pressed on every side, overwhelmed & stressed, I cried out to the Lord in prayer...

Then suddenly as I was driving, I saw a gigantic steel cross standing several stories high. Literally. This was not a vision.

The Holy Spirit whispered to my heart... "THAT IS WHERE YOU FIND YOUR VICTORY. GO BACK TO THE CROSS."

Then God brought this vision back to my memory...

In a vision I saw the cross and behind me was the world and all its trouble.

Jesus was hanging on the cross soaked in His own blood. I hugged the bloody cross. I clung to it. It was my Refuge. I reached up and touched the Lord's bloody feet. When I did this it was like turning on a faucet of blood, for His blood began to pour over me and it soaked me, soaked into my skin and into my very soul.

Healing, cleansing blood poured over me and saturated me. It cleansed every sin and disintegrated all sickness.

All my soul burdens were drawn out of me like a rushing river, His blood the magnet pulling it all out; and He looked down at me from the cross and spoke to me...

"MY peace I give to you. I do not give as the world gives. Do not let your heart be troubled and do not be afraid for HERE I have overcome the world."

I looked at myself and I was covered in His shed blood and I understood I was covered in HIS VICTORY. I understood that in order for me to win the battles of life, I had to keep my eyes on His blood, on His Gospel, on His power, on His face and on His eyes of blazing fire.

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