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Last year, I was in the middle of a life storm. I was crying out to the Lord in prayer. He spoke to me. He said one sentence to me, "DON'T FORGET MY SMILE!"

I thought that was a strange thing to say to me at that moment as I was being battered by a storm. I wondered how His smile was even relevant to me at the moment as I'm drowning and crying out to be rescued.


I suddenly saw Jesus. He was walking to me upon the waters of a STORMY SEA OF CHAOS... and He was SMILING!! A huge joyful, peaceful smile was stretched across His face!! In the middle of a dangerous storm, He was SMILING!

He looked at me with that smile, while standing on raging waters and said to me, "WHY ARE YOU AFRAID, OH YOU OF LITTLE FAITH?!"

I watched as He walked unafraid of this violent storm. It raged all around Him but could not touch Him. He had joy. His fiery eyes blazed with power & authority.

Then the Holy Spirit whispered to my heart... "Do you see? As I am in this world, so are you. Jesus is the Prince of Peace. Nothing makes Him afraid. He calms the storm with a word. He is your Refuge & your Shelter. With Him, you are safe. Why do you fear? Is He not in your boat? Will your ship sink with the Master of all Creation on board? Have faith. Jesus is NOT afraid & neither should you be. His smile means victory. The joy of the Lord is your strength."

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